Pre Certification Test (PCT)

Don’t waste your money on a failed certification. Take the certification if you believe you will pass and will be declared competent. Assess your readiness to pass the certification exam by taking this online pre-certification test.

The pre-certification test questions are specially designed based on SKKNI (Standar Kompetensi Nasional Indonesia) No. 149/2020 and according to the certification scheme from BNSP (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Nasional).

The results of this online pre-certification test will reveal your strengths and weaknesses regarding the competencies that apply to the certification scheme you have chosen. It also includes suggestions for developing your weak competencies.

Online  PCT Fees Table

LevelBNSP Certification Scheme
PCT FeesBuy
GM SDMCertified General Manager Sumber Daya ManusiaRp 300.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer Sumber Daya ManusiaRp 250.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer RemunerasiRp 250.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer Manajemen TalentaRp 250.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer Pelatihan dan PengembanganRp 250.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer Hubungan IndustrialRp 250.000Click Here
ManagerCertified Manajer Pengembangan OrganisasiRp 250.000Click Here
Kepala BagianCertified Kabag SDMRp 200.000Click Here
Kepala BagianCertified Kabag Pelatihan dan PengembanganRp 200.000Click Here
Kepala BagianCertified Kabag Rekrutmen dan Seleksi Rp 200.000Click Here
Kepala BagianCertified Kabag Remunerasi Rp 200.000Click Here
Kepala BagianCertified Kabag Hubungan IndustrialRp 200.000Click Here
SupervisorCertified Supervisor SDMRp 150.000Click Here
SupervisorCertified Supervisor Rekrutmen and Seleksi Rp 150.000Click Here
SupervisorCertified Supervisor Hubungan Industrial Rp 150.000Click Here
StaffCertified Staff SDMRp 100.000Click Here