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1 Vacation carryover Vacation carryover is a policy allowing employees to transfer a portion of their current year vacation balances for use in the next year. The amount of time that can be carried over is based on the employer’s policy.
2 Validity Validity is an ability of an instrument to measure what it is intended to measure.
3 Value statement Value statement is a document outlining and representing the core priorities in the organization’s culture.
4 Value-added work Value-added work refers to work that increases the value of a service or product to the employer’s customers.
5 VDTs VDTs (Video Display Terminals) are also referred to as video monitors and have been associated with a variety of vision problems.
6 Vertical disintegration Vertical disintegration refers to organizations that over time shed layer after layer of full-time permanent employees and replace them with temporary workers until their workforce primarily consists of temporary employees.
7 Vertical management Vertical management is a traditional organizational structure consisting of primary functions (i.e., engineering, manufacturing, finance, etc.), with each function having its own manager.
8 Vertical organization Vertical organization is an organizational structure consisting of many layers of management or other positions of authority.
9 Vestibule training Vestibule training consists of off-line, instructor-led training that is designed to bring the learner up to production line standards before assuming on-line responsibilities.
10 Vesting Vesting refers to employee’s right to receive present or future pension benefits, even if the employee does not remain in the service of the employer.
11 Video Display Terminals Video Display Terminals (VDTs) are also referred to as video monitors and have been associated with a variety of vision problems.
12 Virtual HR Virtual HR refers to use of technology to provide HR programs via an employee self-service platform. Typically includes use of such items as voice response systems, employee kiosks, etc.
13 Virtual mentoring Virtual mentoring is a form of mentoring whereby the mentor and mentored communicate from a distance, utilizing either e-mail or other forms of electronic conferencing.
14 Virtual office/workplace Virtual office/workplace refers to work site of employees such as sales reps or other types of employees who work off company premises and communicate with their respective workplaces via telephone or computer.
15 Vision statement Vision statement is a description of what an organization wants to become or hopes to accomplish in the future (typically in the next 10 years).
16 Voluntary arbitration Voluntary arbitration occurs when both parties agree to submit their differences to arbitration.
17 Voluntary leave/layoff Voluntary leave/layoff refers to leave without pay that is taken on a voluntary basis by employees for specified duration. Often used as an alternative to layoff.
18 Voluntary reduction in hours Voluntary reduction in hours allows employees to voluntarily reduce their working hours as well as their pay for a specified duration. Also used as an alternative to layoff.
19 Voluntary retirement Voluntary retirement is frequently offered when an organization anticipates layoffs and wants to reduce the number of affected employees by offering additional incentives to those willing to retire sooner than anticipated.
20 Voter eligibility Voter eligibility is determined by whether or not an employee is on the payroll before the date of the election.