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1 ULPs ULPs (Unfair Labor Practices) are violations of specific provisions of the NLRB that may be committed by either the employer or the union.
2 Undue hardship Undue hardship refers to actions undertaken by an employer that are significantly difficult or expensive, unduly disruptive to workers, or have a negative impact on the business and customers.
3 Unemployment insurance Unemployment insurance is a mandatory benefits program set up as part of the Social Security Act that is designed to provide a subsistence payment to employees between jobs.
4 Unemployment rate Unemployment rate is a number of individuals unemployed as a percentage of the labor force.
5 Unfair Labor Practices Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs) are violations of specific provisions of the NLRB that may be committed by either the employer or the union.
6 Union Union is a formal organization certified by the National Labor Relations Board and authorized to act on behalf of employees regarding wages, benefits, working conditions, conditions of employment and job security.
7 Union shops Union shops require that an employee join a union, usually 30 to 60 days after being hired.
8 Unlawful circumvention Unlawful circumvention occurs when an employer's attempts at direct communication with employees begin at the same time as contract negotiations.
9 Unretirement Unretirement refers to the practice of hiring retired former employees whose skills or qualifications are in need.
10 Unsafe acts Unsafe acts are incidents that result from unsafe behavior on the part of the employee, such as operating equipment at high speeds.
11 Unsafe conditions Unsafe conditions are mechanical or physical hazards that may lead to injury such as defective equipment or improper lighting.
12 Unskilled worker Unskilled worker is someone who is not required to use reasoning in their work: Examples: packager, assembler, laborer, hand, apprentice
13 Utilization analysis Utilization analysis identifies the number of protected group members employed and the types of jobs held in an organization.
14 Utilization Review Utilization Review is an audit of services and costs billed by health-care providers.