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1 Rank order Rank order is a rating method where the performance of a group, process or product is arranged in a particular order, such as highest to lowest.
2 Ranking Ranking occurs when a performance appraiser lists all employees from highest to lowest performers.
3 Reasonable accommodation Reasonable accommodation means modifying or adjusting a job application process or a work environment to enable a qualified individual with a disability to be considered for a job.
4 Recency Recency occurs when a performance appraiser gives more weight to recent occurrences and discounts the employee's earlier performance during the appraisal period.
5 Recognition picketing Recognition picketing is done to obtain the employer's recognition of the union as the bargaining representative of its employees.
6 Recognition programs Recognition programs consist of gifts, awards, trips, prizes, and other forms of merit rewards that recognize individuals for their special contributions or years of service.
7 Red-circle rates Red-circle rates describe situations where employees' pay is above the range maximum.
8 Redeployment Redeployment is the reassignment of employees to other departments or functions as an alternative to laying them off.
9 Regiocentric staffing Regiocentric staffing is an international staffing method in which organizations utilize a wider pool of managers spread over regional areas and provide them with a degree of regional autonomy.
10 Regression analysis Regression analysis is a statistical measure used to discover relationships between variables such as
11 Reinforcement Reinforcement is a practice of providing positive feedback to an individual or groups of individuals after completion of a particular project or achievement of a particular goal
12 Reliability Reliability is an ability of an instrument to measure consistently and with relative absence of error.
13 Remedial training Remedial training is a method of teaching intended to help people who have basic skills deficiencies, such reading or writing.
14 Remote employees Remote employees refer to the employees who work off company premises and are removed from their supervisors or mangers.
15 Remote managers Remote managers are manager who supervises employees who perform their work at a site other then the employer’s premises.
16 Repatriation Repatriation is the process of bringing an expatriate back to the home country.
17 Repeat violations Repeat violations are OSHA violations that are substantially similar to violations cited earlier.
18 Reporting pay Reporting pay is pay provided to employees who report for work as scheduled but then find that work is not available.
19 Request for proposal (RFP) Request for proposal (RFP) is a document an organization sends to a vendor inviting the vendor to submit a bid for a product or service.
20 Reserved rights doctrine Reserved rights doctrine is a clause that lists management's rights or prerogatives; management has full authority over the items listed here unless the contract limits management's rights in a particular area.