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1 Quality assurance Quality assurance refers to the activities or programs whose purpose is to demonstrate and ensure that products and services meet specifications and are consistently of high quality.
2 Quality circles Quality circles are small groups of employees who meet on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve productivity and cut costs.
3 Quality standards Quality standards are the methods by which an organization may analyze its quality processes.
4 Quasi-experiment Quasi-experiment is a type of scientific research that collects information at two or more points in time in order to study trends, cycles, and stability of data.
5 Quid pro quo Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase menial this for that; it refers to sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is forced to choose between an employer's sexual demands or forfeiting an economic benefit.
6 Quota systems Quota systems are hiring systems that give preference to protected group members; these systems are designed to correct adverse impact.