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1 Gag clause Gag clause refers to the employment contract restrictions used as a means of protecting the organizationís trade secrets or proprietary information.
2 Gainsharing plans Gainsharing plans are group incentives where a portion of the gains an organization realizes from group efforts is shared with the group.
3 Garnishment Garnishment of an employee's wages occurs when a creditor obtains a court order requiring the employer to divert a portion of the employee's earnings in order to pay back the debt.
4 General Duty Clause General Duty Clause requires that employers comply with OSHA standards and provide a hazard-free environment even if there are no standards governing the work area or industry.
5 Generalist Generalist is an individual who possesses the capabilities to perform more than one diversified function, rather then specializing in or having responsibility for one specific function.
6 Generation I Generation I is a term used to describe children born after 1994 who are growing up in the Internet age.
7 Generation X Generation X is a term used to describe individuals born between 1965 and 1980.
8 Geocentric staffing Geocentric staffing is an international staffing method that ignores nationality in favor of ability and seeks the best people for key jobs.
9 Geographic differentials Geographic differentials refer to pay based on where an employee works.
10 Glass ceiling Glass ceiling is a term used to describe the strong but invisible barriers that sometimes exist for minorities and women.
11 Global compensation Global compensation is pay practices relating to employees who are working on assignments in international locations. A service premium and additional incentives are often included in the compensation package to offset differences in taxes and cost of living.
12 Goal Goal is a statement outlining the long-term results, accomplishments or objectives an organization seeks to attain.
13 Goal setting Goal setting is a motivational theory that suggests that behavior is driven by goals and aspirations and assumes that difficult goals lead to higher levels of achievement.
14 Gold collar employee Gold collar employee is a term used to describe individuals such as scientists, engineers and other highly skilled employees who are in high demand and short supply.
15 Good faith and fair dealing Good faith and fair dealing refers to an implied covenant that states that employees, especially those that are long-term, should not be treated arbitrarily or capriciously. For example, employees should not be fired shortly before they are eligible for a
16 Good-faith bargaining Good-faith bargaining means that both parties enter into a discussion with fair and open minds and a sincere desire to arrive at an agreement.
17 Green-circle rates Green-circle rates describe a situation where an employee's pay is below the minimum of the range.
18 Grievance Grievance is a specific, formal notice of employee dissatisfaction expressed through an identified procedure.
19 Gross product margin Gross product margin is the difference between the price a certain product is sold at and the cost of producing the product.
20 Group dynamics Group dynamics is a social manner in which people interact with each other within a group.