Innovative In Human Capital Management Solutions, Quality Management Systems and Assessment Services

Each certification program combine the best in research-based models and methodologies, case studies, interactive role play, individual and group exercises, and practical tools and techniques. You walk away with a certificate and the skills you need to continue to thrive as a professional.

Some of certification programs:

•  DISC Certification / Certified Behavioral Analyst

•  Competency Assessor Certification

•  Certified Professional Human Resource

•  Certified Senior Professional Human Resource

•  Certified Professional Manager

•  Certified Quality Manager

•  Certified Quality Management Representative

•  Certified Quality Engineer

•  Certified Quality Assurance

•  Certified Safety Engineer

•  Certified Environment Engineer

•  Certified Environment Management Representative

•  Certified Occupational Management Representative

•  Assessor for Non Psychologist

•  Etc.